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Сейчас  современную  гитарную  музыку  невозможно  представить без  электрогитары. Это...
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Об альбоме "Koloss", его обложке, треках "Swarm" и "The Last Vigil", туре по Австралии, музыкальном колледже Беркли и djent metal...
О названии альбома "Koloss", развитии группы, позерах, конце света 2012 и жизненных принципах...
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"Meshuggah – отличная команда! Послушаешь их музыку повнимательнее и начинаешь задумываться – а как они могут делать такие вещи?!"

Kerry King (Slayer)

Futile Bread Machine (Campfire Version)


An even stobe a pulse of flashing
Hatelights of synthetic souls massproduced
Hammered into shape a sign of times dreams
Turn into systems a new way a new breed
Implanted in our minds
(Here I am) in the hand of a (sterile hate)
The new control I (can not wake)
I’m not asleep
New intelligence arise in emptied bodies
Turgid flesh tested through eternal existence
Do not know codes mother machine
Genocide now scorn a dying race
Evolution (in reverse) now it’s time for me
(Changing) what am I to be
(Contorted), an (eternity defeated)
Programmed to appease you,
We’re symbols of perfection,
Humanoids runed by your laws:
«Destroy erase improve»
Lesson first:
Submission we’re docile servant dogs
Our leashes are your limbs
Computed deep within.
Remoted minds controlled our thoughts
No more doubts the new way is here disgorged
Another thousand fakes that obey
to a circuit skin to vacuum
Mechanical-thoughts I-now-conceive,
No-longer-me, always-to-see, inanity-millions,
to-be-units, like me eternally,
Human-patterns, copied-dissected-distorted,
The-nerve fibres-give-in-to-cords,
See me be me same contents same machine
(The currency) of ours no more (flesh and bone)
We are to (be unaware) of what we have been before
Evolution (in reverse) now it’s time for me
(Changing) what am I to be (contorted),
An eternity (defeated) by a new machine.


2013 – Скандинавский и Европейский туры

  • 08 мая — Oslo, Norway — Rockefeller — Kongh, Next Life
  • 09 мая — Stockholm, Sweden — Cirkus — Kongh, Swarm
  • 10 мая – Umeå, Sweden – Idun Folkets Hus – Kongh, Swarm


2013 – Летние фестивали

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